Angels Cry

angelscryfinal-with-changed-series-title-05jan2014Angels Cry

The city is plagued by a heroin epidemic. Women are disappearing without a trace. Undercover cop Peter Lazarus loves to toe the line, but secretly basks in the dark freedom his double-life provides. He’s tasked to find the evidence to cripple the dangerous syndicate behind the crimes. He’s on the verge of success, when his two worlds collide, and an intriguing relationship threatens the entire mission.

*Editorial Review*

Tina Glasneck does a great job with this novella.  There were lots of twists and turns, and the plot was very interesting.  We have detective Peter Lazarus who loves being an undercover cop.  Then we have Charlotte Palmer who knows Peter from a different time.  Their worlds collide again and it’s a fight to the end to see who will survive.  There is a dark edge to this entire story, so be forewarned. This story was a short quick read but I enjoyed it very much. — Mrs. Mommy Booknerd’s Book Reviews



August 1, 2003

A gurney’s wheels squeaked under the weight of its sheet-covered cargo. Deep under the populated streets, footsteps resounded in the aged underground tunnel. Overhead, exposed electrical wiring and steam pipes dangled from the ceiling while lights flickered and old pipes banged. Jesse Callahan clenched his fists around the cool metal as he pushed the gurney toward its destination—away from prying eyes. In the hot corridor, sweat beaded and ran down his spine. His breathing labored, and he glanced at his watch.


He was losing his window, just as the man on the gurney had lost his life.

Having been rushed through the back door, the man was worth more disassembled than he was ever worth alive. Like always, a quick injection had eased his fight, and with the body barely cold, Jesse had taken his opportunity, whisking the man away.

Passing through the swinging doors to the morgue’s cool rooms, Jesse continued until he reached the back—a section where he could work uninterrupted. Once in the lab, he sighed in relief, allowing the crisp air to refresh him before he began his arduous task.

Tossing the paperwork of the deceased to the side, he tried not to read the man’s name, although the name David flashed before he was able to shut it out.

Jesse covered his scrubs with a gown, snapped on latex gloves, and placed the clear plastic face shield over his face. With the ease of a professional, he rolled the large male cadaver onto the metal slab and then cut away the cadaver’s remaining clothes. Gripping the retractable sink spray, he quickly washed away any hairs, residue, and fibers that might remain, leaving the deceased male au natural.

He appraised the body like a good butcher, locating the areas that needed to be separated for proper filleting. Wrapping his hand around his tool of choice, situated next to the stainless steel autopsy table, he picked up the electric saw and switched it on.

The vibrations rose up his arm.

Taking a deep breath, Jesse remembered the details of the order and lowered the saw.

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