A Writer’s Poetry

a-writers-poetry A Writer’s Poetry

Poetry is used to help me jump over my shadow, and locate what is blocking me from being able to get words on to the page. Herein, I attempt to reveal my inner demons, secrets and have my words serve as my therapy. It’s more than poetry…it’s an author’s diary.

New poetry is added, and this collection contains at this time 15 poems.



Let me be my own dichotomy split asunder;

My own world torn in two;

Let my actions and thoughts contradict

Mask askewed that hides the truth.

In my emotion I find logic,

And in apparent certainty, lies

In fear, strength

And in secrets, betrayal;

My glasses are shaded by transgressions;

My trust has no home

Forever doomed to walk this gloomy nightmare

Forever tainted by this twist or that turn

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