A Letter to Charlie

13097525-368-k442091 A Letter to Charlie: A Spark Before Dying Flash Fiction Tale

Veronika knows what life inside the strip club means, but when a man comes offering her a chance at redemption, she can’t help but give in to his kindness.

Every decision has consequences.

This flash fiction is connected to the Angels Cry novella – a part of the Spark Before Dying Series (and was presented in OpenSim as an interactive read in Nara’s Nook).


Dear Charlie,

You can’t change a monster into a man, and I should have known that when Otto walked into the club and smiled at me.

He didn’t ogle me, like the others. Instead, he pulled up a chair, and leaned back, as I danced to the rhythm. Under his lecherous scrutiny, I moved with more energy, teasing my audience with my gyrating hips and body rolls.

When the music ended, and after I collected the flurry of dollar bills that had rained down, I gathered the array of clothes I’d discarded during my routine and making eye-contact with no one, I hurried off the stage and into the shadows.

There he lurked.

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