7 Twisted Fairy Tales


7 Twisted Tales: Fairy Tales with a Twist: Fairy Tales Flash Fiction

Do you like fractured fairy tales? Dive into the familiar tales of your youth, but be forewarned — these aren’t your normal fairy tales. They’ve been recreated. These flash fiction tales are sure to make you look at fairy tales in a new way. Embrace the twisted.

These tales vary in length, averaging 250 words, as required by the flash fiction restraints.

This was released and offered for Tina’s newsletters subscribers, for free, as a Halloween treat. It is now being offered to the general public for their enjoyment.

„Tina Glasneck has brought back fairy tales the way they were meant to be read: dark and twisted.“ ~Pamela K. Kinney, author of Paranormal Petersburg, Virginia, and the Tri-Cities Area and Spectre Nightmares and Visitations.

„An intriguing shift of perspective changes the Hansel and Gretel tale into one of childish greed and tragedy. The witch’s choice to retain her humanity, in spirit at least, is one not many would be strong enough to make.“ — Cara Michaels, author of science fiction and paranormal fantasy; judge of #FlashMobWrites


Chapter 1: Suicidal Cinderella

Deep in the woods, Ella stood, staring at the tree which still shared their carved-in initials. She gingerly touched it with her cinder covered fingers, as if it would make yesterday return. Under the trees’ foliage, she allowed a single tear to roll down her face.

Someone else had fit her glass slipper, had taken away her prince and her happy ever after.

She wrestled with her decision, but having tasted true love, she couldn’t return to her personal purgatory, to her step-mother’s cursed tongue, to her step-sisters’ goading, and heartbreaking sorrow.

Ella gripped the potion in between her hands, and tossed back the bitter liquid, the poison guaranteed to end her suffering and immense pain.

Sliding down the rough bark, she ran her fingers through the lush grass and watched the cotton ball clouds overhead until her eyelids grew heavy, her breathing shallow.

“Ella!” In the distance she heard him call out, his voice growing ever closer, until he fell to his knees next to her, crushing her to him.

She raised her hand one last time, and caressed his face.

“Forever, my love,” she whispered as her lively features stilled.

The prince’s angry sobs ripped through the forest.

Suddenly, the air shifted, a magical wisp rose from the ground, and a dark fairy appeared.

“No, Ella, this is not the end of your fairy tale, just the beginning,” she said, rewinding time to the night of the ball, to their first meeting.

This time they could get it right.

Evil is not borne, it’s bred.

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