7 Silent Screams: Episode 4

You chose to open the door …

Charles rushed inside the small room. “Hurry, shut the door before you let one of those damn things in.” He limped forward, pulling his leg behind him.

The door slammed shut, and locked with a loud thud.

No longer the happy clown, his make-up smeared, Charles resembled more of Heath Ledger’s joker than any Bobo the Clown.

“What happened?” Molly asked, and kneeled down next to him.

“I went out there to  see what was really going on, when all of a sudden someone pushed me into someone else. Then like a bolt of aggressive adrenaline, the SOB copped an attitude. Most people just try to exchange some words maybe, but he bit me.”

He pulled back his collar to reveal a large gaping wound that bear the distinct markings of human teeth. Molly’s sharp intake of air punctuated what should have been a grave moment.

“You two can stop it now,” I said.

“Then like some freaks,  I don’t know what happened. Like sharks smelling blood in the water, they turned, and started coming after me — one after another. I’d push one off and there were just hands and teeth.”

I looked at him closer. His outfit now had blood smears, tears and rips. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the group he referenced moving toward the door. I’d seen that shuffle before. Halloween movies constantly depicted it.

„That’s much better.“ Charles said and leaned back in the chair. He sighed and maybe it was just me, but a gurgle rattled in his chest.

The room was eerily silent. I watched Molly move away, her hands covered in blood from pressing paper towels to Charles’s wounds, while Thomas stared at Quinn, and Jay shifted his weight from one foot to the next.

What if he turned. They’d all be sitting ducks in the room — all it needed was one to infect them all.

“Why are you all looking at me like that?” Charles asked.

Stay tuned until next Tuesday, for Episode 5.

7 Silent Screams: Episode 3 – A Clown Among Us

Have you read Episodes 1 and Episode 2 of 7 Silent Screams. Today, we’re back with Episode 3, and an opportunity for you to comment to decide the fate of  Charles. The option with the most votes will cast the die, and that episode will appear next.

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Why Vikings?

Like many, I am completely enthralled with history. I find the tales of history to be filled with great examples of heroism as well as tragedy. The Viking mythology inspired A Dragon’s Destiny because of my interest in its intriguing history and culture, especially one of its goddesses, Freyja.

Freyja plays an important part in my Dragon series. She (also recognized under the name of Frigg) is the wife of Odin, and is celebrated as the goddess of „love, fertility, battle, and death.“ With such a strong goddess in their pantheon and a society that recognized women’s rights, I had to dive right in.

One thing that I found quite interesting is the role of women in that society. Unlike others at the time, the women of the society had certain rights, including the right to divorce a man if he mistreated her. That is shocking considering that even later on, for example in the middle ages, that of a gender equality was not so much recognized.

I believe that much of this equality stems from their pantheon, in that the society, although patriarchal, still possessed an understanding of the importance of women. Although much of what we read is based on the writings of those outside of the Viking way of life, and understood under as seen through their perception and religion, that women could be not only warriors, but also had legal rights — well, that is a background to set a great story in.

I can’t wait to share more tidbits from all that I learned in researching the Vikings and creating this wonderful tale.

A Dragon’s Destiny (Dragons Series)(Book 1)cover-reveal

The Past…
In the kingdom of Keel, the Norse gods watched in horror. Dragons unleashed to remove the threat of Ragnarock were rampaging, destroying everything in their path. But one goddess, Freyja, offered a wager: all the dragons would be captured except one, who would be an exile on earth. Until she was recalled to find her dragon other half, and fight the battle between good and evil, that would determine the fate of the gods.

The Present…
Jaz has never fitted in.  Is it because she’s a cop, a woman in a man’s world?  Or that any guy she’s ever had feelings for has met with an accident?  The only lovers she has now exist in the pages of romance novels, and she’s lonely.

Pursued by dreams in which Erich, her room-mate’s hunky brother, appears as a Viking warrior, and confused by time-switches where she dies but is brought back to life, Jaz seeks psychic advice. Her destiny is revealed: she’s not of this world but another, parallel place. She’s the Dragon, who must return if she’s to find the love and freedom she craves.

Back to the Future…
But Keel is a dark, dangerous kingdom, torn by civil war and the forces of magick as Christians seek to extinguish pagan religions.  Erich is there—the Dark Knight, famed for his ruthlessness in banishing the Old Customs—and Jaz’s attraction to him is as potent as ever. Is he the beloved she’s tasked to find?  However, a twist in time has Erich believing she’s nothing more than a woman of easy virtue!  How can she win his respect and trust, and free her dragon heart?

A Dragon’s Destiny is currently on pre-order.


7 Silent Screams: Episode 1 — The beginning

“No, no, no. We don’t know what the repercussions will be,” said the environmental scientist. His arms flailed around him in his attempt to stop further barrels of contaminate from being transported from the lab’s warehouse.

“Look,” said the plant manager. He massaged his temple only to then straighten his scuffed hard hat, and waved the fork lift over toward the barrels. “We’ve got a permit here to dump the waste.” He kicked the barrel to emphasize his point. “We’ve been doing it for weeks and nothing has happened. Our water is safe. If it wasn’t do you think we’d just get rid of it where it would affect us too? Wait guys outside and let me deal with this.”

“But we don’t know how this will affect wildlife,” the environmentalist said. “And if it ends up in our drinking water. Everything has its tipping point. The pathogen will spread.”

The plant manager sighed, and glanced at his watch. They were running behind schedule to get this load uploaded and delivered. When a holiday hit, especially one that required a party or two, and promised sexy pumpkins, it required timing. Keeping his men happy meant appreciating their time and not wasting it.

“What could happen?” he chuckled. His gaze fell on the water fountain in the corner. He walked over to it, turned on a tap and filled a paper cup with the water. “What you want me to take a drink and show you that this is completely safe?”

“The water supply had been contaminated through aging pipes,” said the environmentalist, “ lead, arsenic, and copper combined with numerous unnamed pharmaceuticals which the water filtration plants never searched for. I wouldn’t do that. This is one big science experiment. We are the test subjects. The contaminated water causes a form of Encephalitis, inflammation in the brain that triggers the amygdala and hypothalamus. Rage and an insatiable hunger begins. It sets off pleasure centers, allowing for an emotional reward for release. The homicidal rage, mania subsides and a thirst for another living host without the virus sets in. I’ve studied it. I’ve seen what it can do.”

“Can’t reason with crazy?” the plant manager muttered.

“It’s madmen seeking prey.”

“All from a glass of water?”

“It will spread in search for another viable host to incite. It already has.”

The plant manager gulped down the water. “See nothing happening. Now, get out of my way before I call security on you. I have a job to do.” He whistled. “Load ‘em up boys!” He headed towards the palettes.

“You are making a mistake,” the scientist called after him. “Please listen. You must stop this.”

A sweltering heat filled the scientist’s throat. He coughed to clear it, and stopped walking away, but turned back towards the plant manager. His fist clenched and unclenched while the pounding in his head grew stronger. What started out as a wisp of anger unfurled its wings and blazed.

“I told you to let me do my damn job,” the plant manager said.

“And I told you that this is wrong!”

Without further prodding the scientist advanced. His shoulders stiffened and his back rigid. He yanked a pen knife from his pocket and advanced on the plant manager.

“What…what are you doing?” the plant manager sputtered. He took a step back.

“I told you to let this be.”

The rage and hunger had begun.


His knife’s blade scraped against newly acquired piece of flesh. He placed it to his nose and inhaled its gaminess. Each movement of his hand removed more of the fat and flesh from the desired skin.

With caution and care he slowly and meticulously dragged his knife against it to not make a hole in the precious material for a project he’d always somehow wanted, just didn’t know he’d wished for. His cell phone beeped with the text. He’d need more material to continue to work on his new pet project and the evening’s Halloween party would be a good place to start.

He even already had a blood-spattered costume….

Stay tuned for Episode 2!



Upcoming release: A Dragon’s Destiny

coming-soon_placeholderI am sitting on the edge of my seat, super excited about my upcoming release, A Dragon’s Destiny —  the first in my romantic fantasy series called Dragons.

Currently making the line edit corrections, thanks to my wonderful editor, Tessa Shapcott, I am on schedule for the October release (yay!).

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For the love of Castles: Marienburg Castle

Photo Courtesy of Beate Beate Boeker.
Photo Courtesy of Beate Boeker.

Due to this posting being so close to September 11th, I thought it best to provide an article depicting something beautiful instead of delving into that of crime. As such, welcome to Castles, my monthly column where we explore different historical castles, fortresses, and palaces. „For the love of Castles: Marienburg Castle“ weiterlesen

For the love of Castles: Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Bavaria, Germany. Creative Commons, Photo courtesy of Anisha Sreddy

When a castle is involved, there cannot be a better time or place to meet one’s own prince charming. Welcome to my newest column on castles and the history surrounding them. On today’s journey, we travel to Germany.

As a prior expat, living abroad in Munich, Germany, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited was Neuschwanstein, better known as the Cinderella Castle. Built by Ludwig II of Bavaria as a respite, Neuschwanstein is a must-see tourist destination in Bavaria Germany, and it receives 1.4 million visitors per year. Located in the village of Hohenschwangau in the Alpine foothills, the picturesque views combined with the castle’s sheer beauty  make this castle the perfect location and setting for any romance novel. „For the love of Castles: Neuschwanstein“ weiterlesen