Upcoming release: A Dragon’s Destiny

coming-soon_placeholderI am sitting on the edge of my seat, super excited about my upcoming release, A Dragon’s Destiny —  the first in my romantic fantasy series called Dragons.

Currently making the line edit corrections, thanks to my wonderful editor, Tessa Shapcott, I am on schedule for the October release (yay!).

Why Dragons?

I’ve recently been asked why I’ve become interested in dragons, as of late, and am writing in the fantasy-romance genre instead of continuing my mystery series.

This was not an easy decision. To be honest, I have two versions of the third book in the Spark Before Dying Series complete, but they don’t feel  right — something is off, and I’m unsure as to how I wish the narrative to develop. But it is also more than that.

In January of this year, my beloved uncle passed away. Grief is not always easy to shake off, and I found myself needing something more whimsical. Something that didn’t take me as far down the darkened road.

Originally titled, Snakes and Dragons, I’ve been working on getting this book ready out of a labor of love. It is the type of book that pretty easily ripped me away, and I was able to pour my interest into Church history, Norse mythology and even again think like a new adult. It gave me so much new energy — what my must needed– and allowed me time to recuperate.

Once I began to write this, the muse was again inspired to create. I have other stories coming as well (and I hope to release them also soon), but for right now, this book is my baby. It’s been in its cocoon for long enough and is time to take flight.

This book helped to give me wings, and helped me through what could have been a very dark moment. As the dragon took flight, I learned that I could too.

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