Happy to announce the arrival of Det. Damien Scott. He is introduced in When the Devil Takes Hold, but his serial series begins with Sticks and Stones. Both are currently available. The second story, Foul Play, will be released in February! You can find out more on 




Curses are destined to be broken…

In this the first of the Dragons series, time travel and fantasy are weaved together in a fast-paced, funny yet emotional romance that tells the story of Jaz, a fish out of water in the real world, who discovers that she is actually a dragon who must seek her true destiny in another, parallel place.  There she discovers that Erich, the man she secretly lusts after in real time, is the Dark Knight, ruthlessly extinguishing the ancient Norse religion in an emerging Christian world. Is he the beloved Jaz is tasked to find in order to release her dragon heart?


Deadly Sins: A serial killer with a Moses Complex seeks justice at any cost. Somethings are worth killing for. Available on Amazon and other book stores.
Angels Cry An under cover cop seeks information. But how deep into the world of crime is he willing to go?  Available on Amazon and other book stores.
7 Twisted Fairy Tales Fractured fairy tales meet Flash fiction.  Available on Amazon.










Tina Glasneck, author of the Spark Before Dying series,  is a book enthusiast, lover of coffee, and couldn’t imagine a world without acrylic paints. Her interest in the criminal justice field in combination with her real world experience has allowed her to create her well-received mystery series. s41445s1115756_17_0 ( Read More)

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